Public Transport System

One of the best cities in Colombia is Pereira, located in the mountainous region of the coffee axis of the country. This place has a great public transportation system that facilitates the mobility of locals, visitors and foreigners. In addition, it has public policies that support the roads and communication routes effectively. Likewise, they always seek to improve the road development of the town.

Its main attraction are the avenues and streets that manage to connect easily to the different places of Pereira along with other Colombian cities. This is very well used by public transport to efficiently move its inhabitants and visitors.


Many experts believe that the public transportation system in the city of Pereira is one of the best in Colombia. Since the introduction of the Megabus, mobility problems throughout the city have been solved.

This system reaches different places in the town and under an electronic payment system through a magnetic card. This must be recharged at the different control points of the city to be able to use it in the different stations. In addition, it has large, modern and widely trained buses for mass transport.
It is very punctual and responsible with respect to passing times. It has an official web site where valuable news are reflected with respect to the road, units, price and routes.

There is also the AMCO (Central West Metropolitan Area) are the communities near Pereira that benefit from a comprehensive public transport system. These units are older and are the alternative for inhabitants, visitors and foreigners who visit Pereira to the Megabus.

The Bus Rapid Transit is in Pereira

Many Latin American cities have been able to generate, within their transportation system, something known as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). This is a really fast and efficient mass transport and Pereira has one. It is based mainly on a road infrastructure that only circulates the mass transport.

This will only be intersected, if any, by a traffic light that stops it. However, when the route is well planned this reducer practically fits into the public transport system. In the city of Pereira there is one called Megabús, which represents the means of transport that moves more people in the city.


Pereira’s public transportation system can be defined as one of the safest, most reliable, efficient and modern in Colombia. After Transmilenio, in Pereira the Megabus was born, a company dedicated to mobilize large masses of people.

In general they work perfectly and it is evaluated by many as one of the most efficient and responsible in the country. It adequately complies with the times and routes regardless of the existing inconveniences on the road. In addition, these are planned routes so that the transfer of passengers is the fastest of all without having to deal with common traffic.

It is important to emphasize that the city’s public transportation system is not a tourist attraction. It is only a means of mobilization for all those who seek to reach a destination or to get to know it within its periphery. A lot of information extols the public transport in Pereira letting foreigners see it as a monument.


In the city of Pereira there are two transport systems in optimal conditions. They are the Megabus and the AMCO. To know a little more about both systems we prepared valuable information about each one:

Megabus Pereira

The Megabus is a massive public transport system that was born in 2006 with the purpose of relieving the land routes and making the transfer of people faster and more comfortable. As in any part of the world, mobility is key for a country to emerge, if it does not generate spaces of mobility for its inhabitants they will not be able to produce and generate energy for the country.

It was born under a state policy that requires cities to generate a better public transportation service when they have more than 500 thousand inhabitants. It is a totally strategic system, developed and thought to not generate conflicts in the road and that nothing stops its course.

Pereira Megabus Routes

The Megabus routes cover the length and breadth of the city. It is capable of mobilizing thousands of people in the most important areas of Pereira, connecting it to other communities, tourist sites, airport and neighborhoods. With only three circulating routes that take and bring passengers in flexible schedules and adjusted to the dynamics of the Colombian.

There are stations that connect between the three routes in order to reach a destination without leaving the Megabus system. Likewise, it is very economic and easy to use unlike the Transmilenio that is a whole work of public transportation but difficult to understand.

Payments in Megabús Pereira

The payment to use the Megabus service is very modern. Through a megacard you will be able to recharge your balance and thus not remain without using the system. The purchase or recharge of the card is made in the different establishments or stations of the routes. To check how much you have available, you only have to enter their web and look for the option to check your balance.

Integration of public transport in Pereira

Government authorities in Pereira, Dosquebradas and Virginia created a comprehensive transportation system between the communities. Through international aid combined with the Colombian government, a comprehensive public transportation system was created in the city. It is known as SITIM (Sistema Integrado de Transporte Publico Metropolitano)

With only paying a fee you can have access to the entire mass public transport complex. This system, like the Megabus, covers the four cardinal points of these communities, integrating them safely and comfortably. In addition, they use communication routes without so many curves that endanger the integrity of users, staff and units.

Thanks to this integration of public transport, the inhabitants of the area, visitors and foreigners will be able to travel to any destination. From getting to your job, educational center, supermarket, tourist attraction, among other things. In addition, it is super economical which makes it the main means of transportation for the inhabitants.

Advantages of having an integrated transportation system in Pereira
Wherever you see a mass and comprehensive public transport system, it has no drawbacks, only advantages. The first one that stands out is the wide coverage to the different places of the city. You will also be able to reach communities around Pereira and without having to pay extra.

Within the family’s monthly budget, the payment for public transportation is significantly reduced. This cost in the past was so high that many people could not leave their area. With this integration, the inhabitants and anyone else who requires it can move around easily.

Finally, travel times and a low influx of vehicles on the streets stand out. This integration will only generate that people stop using their vehicle more and join the use of public transport. With this we save time, money, effort and fuel.