Travel west to east from Hounslow to Shepherds Bush on a 657.

Trolleybus route 657 started operation in October 1935, along with route 667 as the first tram to
trolleybus conversion by London Transport. It was used to replace tram route 57 which had
come to the LPTB from London United Tramways.

The route was operated from Hounslow depot - which was renamed Isleworth and given the
code IH in 1950 - and was mainly operated by C1 class buses until it was re-equipped with
new Q1s in 1952. In 1960, these were sold to Spain and IH then operated older K1 and K2s
displaced by the abandonment programme.

The 657 started from its terminus, about half a mile beyond the original tram terminus. It
ran on its own as far as Busch Corner, beyond Isleworth, where it met the 667 coming from
Fulwell and Hampton Court. These routes ran together through Kew and Brentford as far
as Youngs Corner at Stamford Brook. The service ran from here on its own, finally
meeting trolleybus routes 607, 626, 628 and 630 to go round the one-way circuit
at Shepherds Bush Green.

In some of the views below, vehicles on the other services are used to help illustrate points
along the routes. All the trolleybuses shown on this webpage can be seen in a larger view
by visiting the two general trolleybus galleries.

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The route started from the south-western edge of Hounslow, at the junction of Hanworth Road and
Wellington Road South. Hounslow is a fairly typical West London suburban areas with a busy central
shopping street and the route quickly led out to Isleworth, passing the trolleybus depot on the way
before passing under the Southern Region railway line, which carries the Hounslow Loop trains
from Waterloo, at the railway station.

K1 1146 stands at the Hounslow
terminal loop opposite the
"Duke of Wellington".

K1 1114 sets out for
Shepherds Bush from
the Hounslow terminus.

Q1 1828 at "The Bell" in
Hounslow during its last
month in service with LTE.

K1 1101 heads west along
Hounslow High Street en
route for the terminus.

K1 1060 heads east
through central Isleworth.

K1 1270 comes under the Southern
Region railway bridge at Isleworth
Station as a Hounslow loop train
overhead leaves the station.

On the eastern edge of Isleworth, the 657 was joined by the 667 service at Busch Corner. The route
continued on through an older partly industrial area linked to the river through Brentford, where there
was a short working loop around the Half Acre, and on to Kew Bridge. Apart from the famed Gardens,
which are on the south side of the river, this was, even in pre-motorway days, a major traffic crossing
with the South Circular Road causing frequent congestion. Just beyond Kew, near London Transport's
Chiswick Works, the Chiswick Flyover was an early attempt at reducing this problem; it was the first
grade-separated junction in the UK after World War 2, being opened in 1959

K1 1104 crosses Busch Corner. 667
route trolleybuses from Hampton
Court join from the left hand
side of the photograph.

L3 1462, on the 667, uses the turning loop
at Brentford Half Acre, a short working
shared with the 657s. For some reason,
the blind is showing Wimbledon,
which is not part of its route.

K1 1113 heads west in heavy traffic
at Kew Bridge, on the last Saturday
before abandonment, 5th May 1962.

L3 1463 on route 667 circumnavigates
the roundabout under the Chiswick
Flyover, later to become the beginning
of the M4 motorway.

The next little group of photographs were all taken at Turnham Green, part of Chiswick, which takes its
name from the small open space seen in the second picture.They were all taken on 5th May 1962, the
last Saturday of operation which was a typical shopping day along this part of Chiswick High Road.

K2 1077

L3 1504 on the 667.

L3 1513 on route 667.

K1 1103

Shortly after this location is left behind, Youngs Corner was reached. Here the 657 and 667 diverged, the latter
to enter Hammersmith via the lengthy King Street one-way system, while our 657s turned left past Stamford
Brook LT station to follow Goldhawk Road, passing through the Ravenscourt Park area to finally reach the
terminus, which involved a circuit of Shepherds Bush Green to a stand on the south side.

K1 1145 passes under the railway
bridge at Stamford Brook District
Line Underground station.

K1 1077 travels along Goldhawk
Road at Ravenscourt Park.

K1 1113 pauses at a bus stop at
another point on Goldhawk
Road around Ravenscourt Park.

Q1 1851 rounds the east end of the
Shepherds Bush one way system with
a 607 service, wires it shared with
routes 626, 628, 630 and 657.

K1 1276 leaves its stand at Shepherds
Bush Green passing RM 535, on the
207 route which replaced the 607
in November 1960.

K1 1117 heads back out towards
Hounslow along the south side
of Shepherds Bush Green.

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