Preparing Silk Screens For T-Shirt Printing

The key to a completely printed t-shirt is a flawlessly covered and subjected display.

A badly cleaned up display can result in breakdown in solution and also ink leaks onto your tee shirts, bring about lots of destroyed garments, and great deals of quitting to climb under your display as well as fix any kind of pinholes.

If you follow these easy steps you will certainly achieve a close to completely covered screen. To get a 100% ideal display ideal for t-shirt printing every single time you need laboratory kind conditions.

Obviously for the majority of people this isn’t an alternative, so maintaining the area where you are recycling your displays as clean and tidy as possible is essential to eliminate any kind of dirt in the location.

Sweep and also mop your cleansing location daily, it is best to do this at the end of the day so any type of dust bits will work out over night.

Eliminate Ink Tape And Also Stencil

A display washout booth or a big sink and also a stress washing machine are a needs to for this procedure. The initial step is to remove the ink and tape from your screen, make certain there is no recurring tape left on the frame then apply display clean generously over the mesh and framework.

Utilize a challenging nylon non unpleasant brush to enter the mesh after that blast with the jet washer till all ink has actually been eliminated, take notice of the inside of the structure by cleaning with an old cloth ensuring all ink is gotten rid of.

Get rid of the structure from the cubicle, and wash out the booth making certain all ink has been removed. Remove the stencil with a pattern strip chemical. Most pattern strips require diluting to around 1 part pattern strip to 25 components water.

Make use of a specialized brush to function the stencil strip into the mesh and leave for a couple of mins, do not leave for as well long as this will certainly damage the mesh, then offer the display an additional blast getting rid of the whole stencil.

Hold the screen up to the light to look for any kind of ink, tape or stencil clogs. If there are any kind of marks that are blocking light then make use of display laundry or stencil strip and blast once more with the pressure washer. Repeat this procedure till the display is totally without obstructions.


Once again make use of a specialized brush so as not to pollute the degreaser if the degreaser does obtain polluted with ink or screen laundry throw it away as it will cause extra problems than the great it will do.

Function the degreaser right into both sides of the display mesh then leave for a few mins. Rinse off with the pressure washer making sure the washout booth is clean so no grease or ink will splash back onto the display. Get more insights on preparing silk screens for t-shirt printing by Silk Screen Printing Philadelphia thru the link.


When the screen is entirely rinsed as well as devoid of oil, ink as well as any other waste it is time to dry out the display.

If you don’t have a drying cupboard it is best to have a devoted space or cabinet to dry the display in. Again it is essential to maintain this area clean as well as dust totally free, completely dry the screen flat as well as face down. Use a tiny electric fan to heat and flow the air.


There are a lot of different viewpoints as to the very best means to layer displays, particularly the amount of applications to each side of the screen. My recommended option is 2 outside and also 1 on the within.

Do not layer the display on the floor this will certainly get dirt particles in the emulsion. Try and also layer the display on a tidy table.

Fill up the layer trough and also coat the outside of the display from top to bottom keeping the display at an angle of around 45 levels, then turn the screen and also layer the inside keep in mind to keep the angle the same as well as attempt and maintain the pressure also from bottom to top.

Use a 2nd layer to the outdoors and after that run the coating trough on the within the structure without applying any type of emulsion and pressing the emulsion through the mesh.

Place the display back in your drying out area face down. Do not dry standing up this will certainly cause the emulsion to diminish the display as well as will offer an unequal finish. See to it the screen is completely dry before subjecting.


Most factors for screens falling short are to do with dirt and also ink contaminating your cleansing area. If you comply with these steps and keep cleansing location as well as devices cleanse you will certainly have excellent screens optimal for t-shirt printing every single time.