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The Isles of Scilly lie 28 miles west of Lands End, at the south-western "toe"
of the UK. Of this archipelago of over 100 islands and islets, normally five -
St.Mary's, St.Martin's, Tresco, St.Agnes and Bryher are given as inhabited.
At high tide, however, there are six islands because the tidal causeway
between St. Agnes and Gugh becomes flooded.

There are several uninhabited islands which can be easily visited and Scilly
is a marvellous place to get away from it all - away from St.Mary's, travel
is largely by boat, bike or on foot.

For ease of access, I have reorganised the IoS pictures into three pages
which can be accessed from any of the other pages or this home page.

The three groupings are: (1) St.Mary's; (2) St.Martin's,St. Agnes and Gugh; and
(3) Bryher and Tresco. The latter also has a number of miscellaneous views.

Click on the page you wish to visit:

* St. Mary's
* St. Martin's, St. Agnes and Gugh
* Bryher and Tresco

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